IJPN Technologies(East)

We introduce ourselves as a unique single point solution to your batch coding/marking needs. Our company is counted among one of the top notch suppliers of a vast range of continuous ink jet printer. We recognize the customer loyalty must be earned and nurtured with every transaction as client always look for a continuous supply of proven product and uninterrupted production and top performance. An excellent effort has been made by us to control the tiny ink droplets against all odds and competition. As a result we have redefined the coding/marking industry with our excellent effort and ensuring our client satisfaction at the utmost.

Are you paying more for less? Do you believe in getting best value for your money? Most people buy inferior quality product to save cost or pay too much in the hope of good quality. But now that’s about to change as we are the people offering LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP at optimum cost.

We strive for simplicity and ease of doing business. We offer creative ordering system, i.e. TOTAL CUSTOMIZED INVENTORY CONTROL, to eliminate administrative and operational burden.

Why coding & marking? Why so much investment for coding and marking? Why sophisticated equipments / handling system for coding and marking? Why automation for coding/marking? Why not manual and earlier contact coding processes?

Coding & marking are mandatory:

Legal Requirements

MRP, Batch No., expiry date/best before, any company logos, product specification and many more.

Counterfeit Prevention

Duplication, unauthorized diversion prevention, warranty protection and legal liability could be achieved by use of speciality inks like invisible, fluorescent, UV etc., single or multiple serializers or variable bar code or 2D code.


Tracking product or batch thru date of manufacture, batch number, shift code and real time date.

Branding & Promotion

Printing variable information and logos improving the perception of a company product. By printing serializer with secret check coding on product for promotion as well as to differentiate from competition.

Operational and Inventory Control

Tracking inventory thru variable messages and bar code. Easier to maintain supply chain management. Thus reduction in wastage of packing materials.

Aesthetic Value and Social Commitment

Clear legible coding/marking on product could present in the market with proper identity in terms of quality as well as aesthetic look. End user can easily identify and choose the right product for their consumption/use.